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Personal Bio

Due to her extensive experience in social media marketing and her passion for motivating, AB has sharpened her public speaking skills over the years speaking at events like Social Media Day Detroit 2017, Social Mitten 2018, Women at Werk 2018, Branding for Beginners VI, Creator Con, and more. She also co-hosted a women's empowerment conference called 9 to Thrive in 2019. AB continues to speak at events on branding and general motivation. 

In addition to helping others grow their brands, she has demonstrated success in her own right with several viral Tik Toks and a dedicated and growing fanbase across all platforms. 

Along her journey working with small business owners, entrepreneurs, and artists, AB became fascinated by their stories. She wanted to help them tell their stories and not just through their marketing, but on a podcast, her podcast.


In 2018, AB started  Thirty, Flirty, and Thriving - a podcast serving as a platform for those overcoming adversity to pursue their passion. She has interviewed the likes of Founder/CEO of Inception David Mccullar, Fashion Designer Eduard Davis, Actress Angel Aviles, Singer/Songwriter Neisha Neshae, D12 rapper Bizarre, Tik Tok influencer Mikaila Dancer, and more. 

AB wanted to continue to support those following their dreams. Not only in business but in their personal lives as well. So at the height of the Coronavirus pandemic, AB used her "quarentime" to get certified as a Notary Public, become an ordained minister so that she could officiate weddings, and study real estate in-depth. In November 2020, she became a licensed Realtor in the State of Michigan and is now signed with EXP Realty. 

In 2022, AB joined forces with her husband to create Helium SEM where she oversees branding and operations for the company that services college and pro athletes, helping them secure NIL deals. 

She can now officiate your wedding, help you buy or sell your home, notarize documents, and market your business! She also has experience doing TV commercials, modeling, voiceover work, brand ambassador work, and artist development and management. That old saying, "jack of all trades, master of none"? Well, it's just that, an old saying. AB has proved you can be phenomenal at many things so long as you're positive and passionate about your work. 

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